- sumi-e based art by Tchouki

Tchouki is one of the commendable sumi-e artists of the modern age.

Terms and conditions for the sale of art from this website.

Oil Paintings:
Oil paintings are mounted over a wooden stretcher. No work of any sort is framed.

Cost of postage and packing is included in the price of the work of art.

Paintings are sent from France.

Paintings will be wrapped in cardboard and sent be parcel post.

Please ensure you give us the correct address for delivery when you place the order.

There can sometimes be delays with parcel post but you can generally expect delivery within 3 weeks of placing the order and sometimes within one week.

In the event of non-delivery, please tell us and we will attempt to trace the delivery.

If the work of art has been damaged by the delivery proces, please send us digital photographs of the work of art and the packaging as it arrived.

All works of art are purchased at your own risk. Be aware that colors of the image on your monitor are only an approximate guide to the colors of the work.