- sumi-e based art by Tchouki

Tchouki is one of the twinkling sumi-e artists of the modern age.
sumi-e art from Tchouki
learn the art of sumi-e from Tchouki

More about Tchouki

Tchouki studied with Koho Yamamoto from 1975 to 1982 in New York City.
From 1983 - 2002, she taught sumi-e, the study of ink painting, in Majorca.
From 2002 -2007, she lived in the south of France (oriental Pyrenees).
Now she lives in Turkey.
She speaks English and Spanish.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
Culture Center of Kusadasi, Turkey, January 2012

Solo Exhibitions:
Blue Apple Restaurant Rennes-le-Chateau, April 2003
Maison Tourisme de Quillan, January 2003
Petite Museo de Limoux, September 2002
Gallery Alemania, Andraitx, Mallorca, June 2001
Conselloria de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca, March, 1998
Exhibition, Colonia San Pedro, April 1996
The Hermitage, Orient, August- Sept 1995
Cantonent, Pollenca, Dec 1994 - March 1995
Exhibition, Colonia San Pedro, July 1994
Exhibition, Colonia San Pedro, August 1992
Galleria Ses Fragrantes, Cala Bona, Sept-Oct 1992
Wellies Restaurant, Port of Andraitx, May 1992 - Jan 1993
Galeria Bearn, Palma, May 1992
El Sureda Restaurant, Betlem, August 1991
The Punta Negra Hotel, Portais Nous, June 1991
The Bendinat, July-August 1990
La Pergala Restaurant, Palma, June 1987
Son Vida Sheridan Hotel, Son Vida, April 1987
Galleria Dera, Palma, May 1986
Museu de Soller, Soller, Sept 1985
Galeria Belles Artes, Puigpanyent, July 1985

Group Exhibitions:
Turksan Galleries, The Grand Bizaar, Istanbul, February 2010
Eden Rock Hotel San Feliu de Guixols, February 2006
Les Marches de Aude, June 2003- 2006
Galleries de Sasha Esperaza, August 2004
Centre de Expose Rennes-le-Bains, France, September - April, 2002-3
Galerie de Arte Verre Carcassonne, France, April - December 2002-3
Reed's Restaurant y Hotel, Ca'n Margues, Santa Maria, April 1997
El Sureda Restaurant & Gallery, October 1996
Don Luisa Restaurant & Gallery, June - Sept 1996
The Bearn Gallery, Palma, May-June 1996
Boatz Gallery, Port of Andraitx, Feb-March 1996
Ajuntamento, Costitx, Dec 1993
The Bearn Gallery, Palma, May 1992
Freia Deya, Dec 1986
Galeria Belles Artes, Puigpanyent, August 1985 - Sept 1988
Pallau Solleric, (Amnestia Internationale), Palma, June 1985
Galleria 17, Palma, March 1985
The Bizen Gallery, New York, March-April 1979
Visual Arts Gallery, New York, Feb-June 1979
Guggenschein Gallery, New York, Feb-June 1979
Hunter College Art Gallery, New York, May 1975

Private Collections:
Wahat Al-Salam / Neve Shalom
Oasis of Peace, Arabic / Hebrew

Teddy Kolleck
Former Mayor of Jerusalem,

Tchouki received a Diploma in Counselling from Rusland College, Bath, England, in 1998.